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Tender notice of Motor spare parts and repair works for Jangipur Police District 24-Jun-2021



Sealed tender are invited from bonafied firm/ concerned firm for supplying Motor spare parts and repairing of Govt.vehicles (List of spare parts and repair job will be available at MT section of Jangipur Police District ) for the year 2021-2022. The list of spare parts, list of repair job and a copy containing terms & conditions will be had from Motor Transport Section, Jangipur Police Offce during Office hours or contact through E-Mail

Sealed tender to be scrib, as "TENDER FOR SUPPLYING MOTOR SPARE PARTS" and "TENDER FOR VEHICLE REPAIR WORKS" for Govt. vehicles addressed to the undersigned should positively be submitted the last data of receipt of tender notice within 07 days from the date of publication by 16:00 hrs. in the SP Office at Jangipur Police District, Raghunathgang with security deposit of Rs.10,000/- (Ten thousand) only  i. e. NCS, KVP, Bank Draf for spare parts supply and Rs.500/- (five thousand ) only for Garage Owner ie NSC, KVP, Bank Draf. The sealed tender will be opened at 16:00 hrs. on same date in presence of respective/ owner of the concerned firms.


1. The tender should be submitted the last date of receipt of tender within 07 days from the date of publication by 16:00 hrs and will be opend on the same day after 16:00 hrs. in the office of the undersigned at Jangipur Police District.

2. Tender should be addressed to Superintendent of Police,Jangipur Police District .

3. Brand name and specifications of each and every article must be mentioned in the tender.

4. All the tenders must submit valid GST number,PAN number, Sale TAX and Income Tax clearance certificate along with their tender.

5. All the tender hsve to deposite Rs.10,000/- (ten thousand ) for spare parts and Rs.50,00/- (five thousand) for reapair works as security mony through  NSC/KVP/Bank Draf to be pledgled in favour of the undersigned.

6. Tender will be opened in presence of the tender who may like to attnend.

7. The undersigned reserves the right to accepot or reject the whole or part of the tender without assigning any reson.

8. List of articles can be had from motor Transport section, Jangipur Police District office during office hours or through E Mail


You are requested for making necessary arrangment so that the matter is published in daily Newspaper.


 Superintendent of Police

Jangipur Police District